Manitoulin, souvenir miniature paintings, 5"X5", exterior acrylic on recycled wood, UV proof glossy topcoat, 2022. Some examples of work I create using Reused & Recycled materials, such as salvaged wood and left over house paint. I enjoy creating under the banner of - Action for the Environment. Using salvaged, 2nd life art supplies reduces my demand for buying newly manufactured commodity items. This work is a lot of fun to envision & make. It enables me to participate in the life of local community, by appearing on the shelves of gift shops and outdoor market stalls. I really enjoy being part of grassroots activities. 


Maxim Grunin Art Rock Manitoulin 2021

 In 2020 I started spending most of my year living on Manitoulin Island, here in Canada. There is a vibrant community that I like to be a part of here. It's 2021 now. I wanted to create a new post on this blog to share some of my Art Rock - painted rock souvenirs. These are original artworks made with Acrylics and finished with UV proof glossy top coat. Please enjoy my content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Google search. I wish everyone lots and lots of what they need and want, blessings.