Miniature Paintings Maxim Grunin, Recycled Wood

 Elements of landscape painted on 3.5"X7" salvaged and recycled wood panels. I am making tiny paintings in my art therapy workshop. It's a lot about fun and play, and also about participation, being present with the self, creating safety, and empathy. Each miniature painting takes between 1-2 hours to create. I really like carefully drawing the objects. I also love mixing paint and apply it with different painting tools like brushes, and palette knives. It's exiting to see my vision manifest in an image. Good times, spending time with the self playing with paint and imagery. Here are some pictures. Thanks for tuning in. Blessings


I continue to practice drawing, painting and creating through visual art. For me, producing art is a meaningful activity. I spend a few hours a day connecting with myself and providing a safe therapeutic space for the self. During this time with myself I am able to observe the landscape of  my inner reality and understand myself to some degree. When I create many parts of my being open up and become available in a relaxed, calm state. It allows for me to slowly acknowledge the presence of many sides of myself and hear these sides express. I am also able to enjoy the process of using materials to produce images. Give way to imagination and expressiveness through such powerful method of creating as art. Here is a handful of Autumn Landscape paintings that I painted in 2020.

Autumn Landscape, 12" X 16", acrylic on canvas

Autumn Landscape, 12" X 16", acrylic on canvas

Autumn Landscape, 12" X 16", acrylic on canvas

Autumn Landscape, 16" X 20", acrylic on canvas

Autumn Landscape, 12" X 16", acrylic on canvas


Maxim Grunin Paintings 2019, some new art

Here is a new body of work from me. I've been painting small sized paintings while being a visitor at my parents home in Toronto. They've been awesome and let me stay in the guest room at their condo. I am working on small canvases because the studio space is quite small. Pretty much, just a chair to use as the easel. It's been roughly 6 years yeas since I've downsized, became debt free living on a slim budget that I earn with my visual artist skill set. I love crafting my paintings. I think my main motive behind doing art is loving the act of creating using art supplies. Please enjoy this new spread of colors.


I noticed that when I became debt free I chose to stop racing for more money or status in conventional ways of our society. I listened to my heart and went to discover what else does it mean to be a human in today's world. My addiction to comfort struck me as most challenging. Wow, I cared so much about being cozy and safe. I challenged my fears and went to discover how I can live as a minimalist. I discovered how to serve and give in the way that doesn't break my heart. I downsized and volunteered in farming communities and therapeutic centers. My new work are miniature paintings. They are meant to fulfill my need for fun and play. I just purely enjoy the process. Paintings displayed here are painted in Acrylics on blocks of found/recycled wood, and sometimes on brand new, purchased wooden canvas. They range in sizes from small - 2.5" X 5" to 5" X 5" and 8" X 10". Please enjoy.