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"Road To Lake", 30"X60" (diptych), acrylic on canvas, 2009, does not require a frame and could be arranged separately. This painting captures an impression of a landscape. A road on the left takes the viewer through fields surrounded by trees. There is warm sunlight as far as the eye could see. Tall grass sways touched by the light breeze. We're curious how warm the lake water is. A painting by Maxim Grunin


At The Park, 24"X30", acrylic on canvas, 2009 - landscape painting by Maxim Grunin

"At The Park" is a red-brown, ochre, black and white colored canvas. This painting reflects the setting of a park next door, where I and other people go for a little bit of exercise and fresh air. Some pathways at the park look especially vivid and painterly, they invite me to stop and admire them. When constructing a painting I look for brush mark , palette knife mark or a spill mark appropriate for making objects look "nature like" and at the same time I want the picture to be on the edge of abstraction. I also want my painting to be fluid and moving. Broad paint strokes and rich surface quality of the painting are designed to capture viewer's attention. "Park Run" carries some of the quiet and yet powerful beauty of nature.


City Park Trail - contermporary Canadian landscape by Maxim Grunin

"City Park Trail" takes the viewer into a picture space, reminding of a park trail. This piece is made with the use of broad paint application. Brush, palette knife and paint spills create a vibrant surface that the viewer would want to examine up close. Subdued dark purples, grays, browns, greens and black make up the shadow areas of the piece. Subtle grades of orange-brown, brown-green, gray, ochre and highlights set the mid-tone and the light in the painting. "City Park Trail" is 36" X 24", acrylic, 2009.

Woods By The Soccer field - contemporary landscape painting by Maxim Grunin

"Woods by the soccer field" are often found near schools and recreation areas in North America. These patches of trees are part of the plant life infrastructure of the city. Walking into such patch will place you in a spot where many creatures such as squirrels and birds find shelter. This painting takes the viewer into woods entered by strong, warm sunlight. The surface of this piece is textured with bold, expressive palette knife strokes as well as the paint splats. "Woods by the soccer field" creates a unique picture space examined by the viewer. This painting is ambiguous and semi-abstract


Light In The Forest - by Maxim Grunin

"Light In The Forest", 24"X39", acrylic on canvas (gallery wrap), 2009. Getting out of my place is always a field trip - an excursion into the outside world. Out here visual properties of the landscape are observed first hand. Light, perspective, color and objects become apparent and revealing. Urban North American environment has it's individuality. Small patches of woods, parks, ravines, trails are left within suburban areas to help people breathe. "Light In The Forest" is an image harvested from my outside walks experience. In this landscape the light helps create an impression of depth.