Local Art Schools, Ontario, Canada

OCAD Ontario College Of Art & Design - art university located in Toronto, Ontario with programs specializing in every contemporary visual art field. Graduate and postgraduate levels are available.
Sheridan Institute - art university in Oakville, Ontario renowned for it's school on animation and design.
Central Technical School - high school in Toronto with a separate art  facility for school age students as well as adult students (diploma granting courses). This is one of the oldest high school art departments in Toronto with faculty consisting of well known professional artists.

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Time- lapse Acrylic Painting of an Alley

Another time-lapse of step by step painting. I look at a photo of a scene I like, sketch it onto a canvas with a brush and begin to render by building up the layers of paint. Starting with thinner more diluted dark colors helps to establish the contrast in the work. Little by little I would apply progressively more "fat" thicker paint marks using a palette knife.

Time-lapse Painting of a Landscape in Acrylics

There are aspects of performance in being a painter. After making so many pictures I developed various methods of completing a painting. Here I demonstrate a step by step process taken to produce an artwork. I often use photographic reference to paint from and I enjoy performing.

Maxim Grunin Paintings Slide Show 2009

Take a look at some of my earlier landscapes in a form of a video.


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Abstract Paintings by Maxim Grunin - Slide show of my new none objective paintings in oils.
Park Corner - Maxim is painting a park corner scene. The video reveals the steps taken by the artist to produce a landscape painting in acrylics.
Time-lapse of a large landscape painting - Artist Maxim Grunin is painting a large 54"X72" landscape painting in acrylics.
Award Winner Maxim Grunin - Artist is awarded an Honoris Causa by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.
YouTube Slide Show of My Earlier Landscapes 
Time-lapse Acrylic Landscape, River
Time-lapse Acrylic Landscape, Alley 
Self portrait painting by Maxim Grunin - I paint a self portrait and talk about myself.



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A Look Inside The Studio - Photos of artist's studio
The Imagined Thoughts - Artist's statement
Landscape painting in acrylics
Displaying paintings - Tips on hanging paintings in order for them to look great


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