Riot Police And Military - Figure Drawing by Maxim Grunin

Find subjects that are interesting for you to draw. I focused on the figures of soldiers and policemen with their riot gear on in my drawing.


Figure Drawing Anatomy 1

Create studies of figure's anatomy. Simplified features make the drawing of the figure easier and demonstrate your understanding it's internal structure.
Proceed drawing out the most important features of the figure such as skull, hands and feet. Look for a way to simplify various body parts in your sketches.
Detailed studies of the skull must be made in order to familiarize yourself with internal structure of human head.
Hands and feet prove to be very hard to draw, especially when foreshortened. The more we draw them the better the outcome.


Figure Drawing 1

Draw skeletal figure gestures in order to understand dynamics of the human body. Keep your initial lines fairly light and reserve darker lines for the objects closer to you (the viewer) in distance. Produce 10-15 figure drawings per week in your sketchbook.

Gesture drawings of human skeleton.

Exploring the volume of the figure using cross contour and ink wash.

Extended figure sketches.