Park corner, landscape painting video by Maxim Grunin

Part 1 of Maxim Grunin video, painting landscape. I am a trained painter and my work bares a degree of clarity and coherency that comes from my experience in the discipline. I am not restricted to a manner or a gimmick in my approach to painting. I look for my own, unique features and let them stand out. Please examine how I develop my painting up close.

Part 2 of Maxim Grunin video.


Landscape painting time-lapse by Maxim Grunin

1st part of the video landscape painting. It is interesting to see how exactly the artist approaches his work. What motivates Maxim Grunin when it comes to his job as a studio painter? How does he create his paintings?

2nd part of the video where Maxim Grunin keeps working on his landscape painting and eventually finishes it. These videos are time-lapse of the actual process which takes a little longer in real time.


Sketches with pencil, pen and marker Maxim Grunin

Sketches have a wide variety of purposes. They can be studies of form and proportions. They also allow the artist to explore a new image without having to complete it. I often start mapping my drawing with very light graphite lines. I want to be sure that the outlines are correct because I don't like using an eraser at all. I want to keep the initial appearance of every mark placed on the page. The unchanged lines tell me a great deal about my methods of constructing the image. Observing, thinking of how to place the lines and tone within a page and also letting my body express through the drawing process happens all at once. Even psychological processes of relating to my subjects, accessing an emotional response contribute to the outcome of the drawings.


Spring Is Here, 30"X30", acrylic on canvas (gallery wrap), 2009, Maxim Grunin

Original landscape painting by Maxim Grunin is listed on eBay at great bargain price. Personally, I think it's hard to beat the prices I have right now for high quality art. Thanks to all the people who purchased my work.