What's better gallery wrap or?

Gallery wrap stretcher is 1.5" (inches) deep or slightly greater. Canvas is wrapped, stretched and stapled on the back of the stretcher with heavy duty staples.There are several common ways to finish the sides of a painting. Sides can be painted as a continuation of a painting. They can be finished with one colour all around, for example black or the sides can be left white. Gallery wrapped canvas hold an interior hanging without a frame. It has a powerful presence due to it's depth. Gallery wrap is a great choice for almost any contemporary interior. There are also many choices for framing a gallery wrap.

Regular stretcher is under 1" (inch) in depth. Canvas is stretched in exactly the same way as the gallery wrap with staples on the back. The sides of a painting created on a regular stretcher can be painted or left with primer exposed. This stretcher is commonly presented with a frame, although there are many examples of installing regular canvas unframed. It is often better for the owner of a particular piece to choose a frame that works with their interior. Regular stretcher is a good choice when a frame is required.
A note for commercial artists who are aiming at selling to a wide audience. Gallery wrap is more expencive than a regular canvas, but it is a better choice for making a painting marketable. You won't have to invest in a frame and gain a satisfied customer at the same time. A cheap frame or "do it yourself" may not match market standard. However, regular canvas should not be dismissed altogether.

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