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Red Rose, 30"X30", acrylic on canvas, 2009, gallery wrap

A bush of red roses is the center of this painting. Saturated reds, pinks, maroons and subtle purples of the flowers are contrasted against dark greens branches and leaves of the bush. The background of the painting is composed of lighter variations of blue, purple, green and orange. Some areas are highlighted with white to further emphasise the contrast. "Red Roses" is painted in an expressive manner of paint application that can be achieved with the use of a palette knife. Every element of the painting is constructed with great care. For example, painting marks within the flowers are directed around the circular form of each rose. Paint strokes resemble the pedals of the flowers. "Red Roses" is intended as a decorative piece. It is on sale on eBay at a bargain price for a limited time, FREE shipping is provided:

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