Landscape painting time-lapse by Maxim Grunin

1st part of the video landscape painting. It is interesting to see how exactly the artist approaches his work. What motivates Maxim Grunin when it comes to his job as a studio painter? How does he create his paintings?

2nd part of the video where Maxim Grunin keeps working on his landscape painting and eventually finishes it. These videos are time-lapse of the actual process which takes a little longer in real time.


  1. Recien conozco su pintura y la encuentro EXTRAORDINARIA la simpleza y maestria con que va componiendo y trabajando los colores para crear una BELLEZA

  2. Quede maravillado al ver como comienza la pintura, y luego como va quedando... Sin palabras.. Solo me gustaria pintar la mitad de lo que el pinta..

  3. This is extraordinary video showing the whole process. I loved watching. I had some inclination of the process but amazed to see the pallett knife in use, your profficiency is great.