The Imagined Thoughts

Live Here Now, 48" X 48", acrylic on canvas, 2010

Drawing, painting, making stuff out of paper,  plasticine, wood and every kind of material found around the house are some of my favorite activities. My parents noticed my strong interest in visual arts. They influenced me to take steps towards professional training. Art became my inseparable companion. As a student I was attracted to the realism in art. 

My work reflects everyday life. Images are nostalgic, romantic and sentimental. They contain vague expressions of real and imaginary persons, scenes, objects, events from the past and the present. Abstraction is used to bind figurative elements within a picture. Broadly applied poured and splattered paint integrates several representational depictions in a painting. Varied medium application and spontaneity that governs it, enable expressive visual qualities within the work. I look for somewhat intuitive arrangement of images within a picture plane. Places, scenes, objects, persons, animals and words appear in my work. Together they form a kind of a new whole.

detail 1 - Live Here Now

detail 2 - Live Here Now

detail 3 - Live Here Now

detail 4 - Live Here Now

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