A Look Inside My Studio. Maxim Grunin

I work in a large ground floor studio. There are several office light fixtures In addition to the sunlight coming from the windows. My work hours can be quite irregular. I often end up working at night.

Studio floor is covered with carpet that is both the insulation and the protective tarp. There is a computer station in the room.

Table with art supplies is on the right side of the room. Staple gun, paint jars, brushes, palette knives, paper towel, water containers and other necessary tools are conveniently placed here. My paintings are wrapped in protective plastic and stacked. I don’t want the pieces to accidentally  stick together. Acrylic can be sticky.

I prime the raw canvas and stretch it. Buying an entire roll of unprimed canvas can help save money. A small brush and a sponge are useful when I want to get the paint from underneath my finger nails.  

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