Painting by Maxim Grunin

    War And Suffering, acrylic on paper (head study), 2012

    Sadness, acrylic on paper (study), 2012


  1. This 15th century mural canvas was created by Leonardo da Vinci. It covers the entire rear wall of the banquet hall at the famous monastery of Santa Maria in Milan. The painting depicts the scenery of the last supper as Jesus and his disciples per took the last meal. Work on The Last Supper was started in 1495 and completed in 1498. The painting is one of the most famous ones, owing to its different interpretations. WahooArt can provide the painting with the exact look as well as texture as the original one! http://www.wahooart.com

  2. Nice paintings,you did a great job, i like it,thanks for sharing.When there is no objective representation and colors only. Suzi wonderfully employs the power of Acrylic painting and paints her delightful fancies as real happenings of the life.